040: The Top 5 Tips for Starting a Business + How to Save on Prescription Drugs with Athan Slotkin and Zach Zeller

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by serial entrepreneur and award-winning business plan strategist, Athan Slotkin, also known as “The Shadow CEO,” and Zach Zeller, the Co-Founder and President of ScriptCo Pharmacy, a membership-based pharmacy making prescription medications more affordable for everyone.

Corporations are having a hard time filling jobs after the global health crisis left millions unemployed as well as completely redefined workers’ ideas of job security, and ultimately, the meaning of living and working. Instead of working for big company contracts, many individuals want to launch their entrepreneurial dreams or dabble in the freelance world. Paralleling the uncertain economy that’s driving people towards self-employment, young college graduates who can’t find work also have a unique opportunity to delve straight from student to entrepreneur.

So, where do business beginners get started and what businesses are needed right now? My first guest, Athan Slotkin, is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and business strategy consultant who has helped countless people across the U.S. restructure their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. He joins us today to share his top 5 tips for new entrepreneurs looking to effectively start and scale a business from scratch.

Prescription drugs are expensive and people are tired of paying astronomical prices or not being able to access or afford the medications that they need. Some people are starting to get creative with how they purchase their prescriptions. My second guest, Zach Zeller, the Co-Founder and President of ScriptCo Pharmacy, joins us to share how we can purchase prescriptions at true wholesale prices and have them shipped right to our homes.

Athan Slotkin is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning business plan strategist. He’s successfully tested and launched multiple businesses, across industries.

Athan's rapid, iterative, heavily-analytical approach has been the key for over 700 new entrepreneurs in 2019 and 2020 alone, helping them package up their business with business plans, financial models and presentations, while teaching them how to become the stellar CEO they want to become along the way.

His work has been featured across, TV, radio, and conferences worldwide.

Athan has 15 years experience in strategy consulting, loyalty/rewards marketing, and has created several successful businesses.

He has consulted to numerous startups at various stages from pre-seed through Series D, and has a strong breadth of industry expertise having completed projects and built businesses in travel, financial services, real estate, retail, grocery, gas.

Athan has created rewards programs around the world and managed Membership Rewards partnerships at American Express as well as the Black, Platinum, and Gold Cards and developed a portfolio-wide strategy. He has his MBA from Yale University and his BA from Cornell University.

Zach Zeller is the Co-Founder and President of ScriptCo Pharmacy, the first membership-based pharmacy making prescription medications more affordable for everyone by assuring access to generic medications at wholesale rates.

Zach grew up in Flower Mound, Texas, and attended the University of Texas on a Track and Field scholarship. His work ethic lead him to becoming a school record holder, All American, and multiple time Big 12 Champion.

After graduating from UT, Zach took a role with DePuy Orthopedics as Trauma Representative, where he earned the second-highest percentage increase growth in the United States in 2006.

After being in the operating room just shy of 10 years years and offering guidance to surgical teams and surgeons in over 5,500 surgical procedures, Zach chose to move out of the surgical space and into the pharmacy market. In 2017, Zach co-founded Texas-based ValueScript Pharmacy.

As a pharmacy owner, he saw firsthand the intentionally designed lack of transparency in the marketplace created by pharmacy benefit managers that surrounds access and cost of medications when using health insurance.

Zach and the ValueScript team were trying to figure out a better way to provide access and value to consumers. After exhaustive research, they felt that the best way to reach their goal of solving the cost and access problems that revolve around prescription medications was by starting the first and only membership-based wholesale pharmacy in America, ScriptCo, which supplies generic medications to consumers at actual wholesale cost for the same price they buy the medications for.