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The Saving With Steve Show is must listen to radio! In each episode, host Steve Sexton and his guest share key financial strategies that help you sleep better at night. The mission is to give listeners practical tools to feel more in control of their financial future and live a better, more exciting life.

Listening to the show each week will help you:

•  Be Inspired •  Be Courageous •  Become Unstoppable • Create New Habits •  Let Go of Disempowering Thinking •  Live Fearlessly • Embrace Uncertainty    •  Be a Comeback Story

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008: Real Estate Tax Strategies, Maximizing Social Security, and Alleviating Your Debt Hangover with Bill Exeter

Steve Sexton is joined by Bill Exeter to discuss real estate tax strategies, maximizing social security, and alleviating your debt hangover.

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007: Estate Planning During a Pandemic and How to Protect Your Identity and Reputation From Scammers with Ali Hashemian and Eran Sinai

Steve Sexton is joined by Ali Hashemian & Eran Sinai to discuss estate planning during a pandemic and how to protect yourself against identity theft.

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006: The Ins and Outs of Internet Marketing and How to Enjoy Safe Travel Amidst COVID Restrictions with Christopher Van Buren and Wayne Dunlap

Steve Sexton is joined by Christopher Van Buren & Wayne Dunlap to discuss the ins and outs of internet marketing and how to enjoy safe travel experiences while COVID restrictions are still imposed.

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005: Managing and Protecting Your Income-Producing Assets, Reducing Tax Burdens, and Having More Control Over Your Money with John Eickhoff

Steve Sexton is joined by John Eickhoff to discuss managing and protecting your income-producing assets in ways that reduce tax burdens and increase cash flow.

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004: How to Protect Your Identity and Reputation From Scammers and Prevent Your Money From Falling Through the Cracks When Selling Your Home with Eran Sinai and Glen Henderson

Steve Sexton is joined by Eran Sinai & Glen Henderson to discuss protecting your identity and reputation from scammers and preventing your money from falling through the cracks when selling your home.

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003: How to Achieve Big Savings on Travel in a COVID World and What You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages with Wayne Dunlap and Bruce McPherson

Steve Sexton is joined by Wayne Dunlap and Bruce McPherson to discuss how to achieve big savings on travel in a COVID world and the most important things to know about reverse mortgages.

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002: Lowering Taxes, Diversifying Investments, and Harnessing the Unlimited Power of Courage with Ali Hashemian and Ken D. Foster

Steve Sexton is joined by Ali Hashemian and Ken D. Foster to discuss tax-lowering strategies, diversifying investments in 2021, and meeting challenge, change, and opportunity with courage.

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001: What’s Happening with the Economy and the Real Estate Market in 2021 with Jonathan “JJ” Jerotz and Alan Nevin

Steve Sexton is joined by Jonathan Jerotz and Alan Nevin to talk about where interest rates are headed, how to prepare for a refinance, and what's happening with the real estate market.

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