125: Women in Leadership: Take Off Your Camouflage and Start Revealing Your Genuine Self with Jenn Donahue

Feelings of self-doubt are nothing new for women in the workplace. In fact, 75% of female executives experience imposter syndrome. But, with personal and professional lives colliding, it has become more difficult than ever to “fake it ‘til you make it.” Whether you are a female in the workplace or not, you can learn some valuable lessons from today's guest, Jenn Donahue, who is U.S. Navy Captain, engineer, mentor, and speaker that helps leaders and managers tap into their most powerful source of strength.

She joins us to share how we can take our camouflage off and stop trying to blend in, build the women leaders of tomorrow, find our leadership style, and command respect and loyalty from our team by building a solid foundation of trust.

Civil engineer. Operations consultant. PHD recipient. Teacher. Mentor. Military Officer. Throughout each of these roles, most of them simultaneous, Jenn Donahue has demonstrated the kind of leadership that goes beyond authority to something deeper— trust.

That’s because Jenn doesn’t focus on her position of leadership. She focuses on the people, relationships, and potential that surround her in each of her distinct roles.

That’s how she helped command an 800-personnel Battalion in Afghanistan, drill and blast roads in the coldest reaches of Alaska, develop earthquake defense plans at five different nuclear power plants, and then establish her own engineering firm with clients that include PG&E and National Chevron Phillips.

But, these are just credentials. What Jenn would most like to list are the names of the thousands of people she’s led and developed to reach their greatest potential. It’s what drives everything she does, and the reason she’s now taking her message to the keynote stage.

She believes that building trust between leaders and team members helps both reach their fullest capability— now and for the rest of their lives.