118: 7 Simple and Effective Ways to Lower Money Stress with Michael Gilmore

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Michael Gilmore, a.k.a The Seven Dollar Millionaire, who has worked in finance for over two decades and serves as Research Director at Albizia Capital, an independent boutique fund management company.

73% of Americans indicate that money is their number one cause of stress, and with rising inflation, there's no doubt many of us are feeling the pinch and experiencing anxiety just trying to buy groceries, pay rent or the mortgage, or trying to tackle our debt!

Today's guest, Michael, discusses seven simple, effective ways to lower money stress. He shares easy mindfulness exercises, mantras, and meditations that keep you centered, rational, and calm when it comes to your money, and talks about simple explanations of the financial industry and how to invest responsibly that anyone can understand.

Did you know that the smallest amount of money you need to save and invest (at a 7% return) to become a millionaire over your career is just seven dollars? No, nor did Michael Gilmore, a.k.a. the Seven Dollar Millionaire, until his daughter asked him if she could become a millionaire, and what was the smallest amount she could start with.

That question turned into the book "Happy Ever After," his new nickname, and a lifetime commitment to teaching the concepts that can help all of us achieve financial security.

Having worked in the financial sector for more than 20 years, Michael has managed billion-dollar deals, invested hundreds of millions of dollars for clients, and won multiple awards - but helping people make the most of their circumstances, whether they are migrant workers or his own daughter, is worth so much more.

Michael is founder of the internationally recognized Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards (MAIAs), “the Oscars for financial literacy” which has supporters all over the world

He is also the author of new book The Little Book of Zen Money – A Simple Path to Financial Peace of Mind, aimed at delivering easy-to-follow steps for combining sensible saving strategies with mindfulness practices in order to achieve financial peace of mind.