001: What’s Happening with the Economy and the Real Estate Market in 2021 with Jonathan “JJ” Jerotz and Alan Nevin

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Saving With Steve, a show that’s dedicated to helping you have a healthier and happier relationship with money! Today, host Steve Sexton is joined by Jonathan “JJ” Jerotz of Synergy One Lending, and nationally known economist, Alan Nevin.

Touting 20 years in the mortgage industry, Jonathan “JJ” Jerotz is Area Manager for San Diego and Imperial Counties for Synergy One Lending, a National Mortgage Bank, currently licensed to lend in 36 states. 

JJ’s expertise in the mortgage industry has landed him on air at ESPN Radio, KFMB, KCBQ, as the mortgage voice for the San Diego Padres, and on TV with the American Dream.

Today, he discusses where mortgage rates are headed, when is a good time to lock in a rate, how to prepare for a refinance and how long the process may take, and the current home price landscape. 

Alan Nevin, Director of Economic and Market Research at Xpera Group, has an extensive background in real estate economics, lending, and market analysis.

He serves the development, investment, legal, and public agency communities with residential and commercial real estate valuation, feasibility, and real estate advisory services. 

Alan provides market research on real estate related issues and projects, including valuations, market strategy studies, fiscal impact studies, economic outlook, and focus reports on individual market areas on the west coast.

Today, he discusses what’s happening with the real estate market and how the new administration will affect people economically.

He also offers a recap of 2020 real estate and shares his estimates for 2021 real estate as well.