096: Entrepreneurship: Moving From an Employee Mindset to a CEO Mindset with Quinn Driscoll

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by business coach and money mentor, Quinn Driscoll, CPA/ABV, the founder of Value Gal.

One of the biggest challenges business owners and accidental entrepreneurs have but they rarely talk about is holding onto an employee mindset rather than moving into a CEO mindset. If you are an business owner or accidental entrepreneur, and you're ready to stop riding the wave and start steering the ship with your finances, my guest, Quinn Driscoll, has got you covered! Quinn discusses running your business instead of letting it run you, and shares easy and actionable money mindset prompts to help you become great with money. She talks about how to design your business so that it can become the key to unlocking your dream lifestyle, flexibility, and financial freedom.

Quinn Driscoll, CPA/ABV, is a business coach and money mentor. As the founder of Value Gal, she brings Wall Street knowledge to Main Street business owners through coaching programs that teach financial skills and strategy. 

Prior to Value Gal, Quinn spent more than a decade as a sought-after financial expert witness who worked in the high stakes world of litigation consulting. Her journey from accountant to business coach started in a consulting firm where she spent more than a decade helping business owners resolved money issues in legal disputes.

Quinn started her business to help fellow entrepreneurs turn down the volume of money drama in their businesses and brains. She is passionate about helping accidental entrepreneurs, creatives, and dreamers design a lifestyle business, ditch money stress, and create financial freedom.

Quinn is a certified public accountant, accredited in business valuation, and she has 15 years in the financial services industry. She is a frequent speaker and guest expert on financial topics including building a valuable business, money mindset, and goal setting for business owners. 

You’ll want to get your hands on Quinn’s free Money Mindset Guide! It has quick, easy, and actionable prompts to help you discover the clues all around that prove you already have what it takes to be great with money. And, it will help you overcome negativity bias so you can start racking up positive money experiences.