045: Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages + How Tax Fallout Affects Your Retirement Plan with Steve Sless and Denny Artache

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Steve Sless, President of The Steven J. Sless Group of Primary Residential Mortgage who is regarded as the "Go-To Housing Wealth Expert," and Financial Retirement Planner, author, mentor, speaker, and musician, Denny Artache.

As you know, many seniors are wondering if they have enough money to last through their retirement and are leery of going into retirement communities, now more than ever, because of COVID. Some seniors can’t even get long-term care insurance due to COVID. Many of these seniors may not realize that their home equity likely represents a large portion of their net worth. 

In fact, homeowners aged 62+ saw their collective housing wealth increase. Understanding how to strategically and tax-efficiently incorporate this wealth into a comprehensive retirement income strategy may be the key to protecting and prolonging their nest egg with the funds needed for long-term care.

My first guest, Steve Sless, has nearly 20 years of mortgage industry experience, and has become a leader in his industry by educating people through seminars and videos. He joins me today to talk about the pros and cons of reverse mortgage loans, strategic use of housing wealth in retirement planning, leveraging housing wealth during economic uncertainty, and how a reverse mortgage can fund a more comfortable retirement.

Wealth managers, financial advisors, and their clients are all awaiting the latest tax breakdowns, as the federal government tries to figure out how to pay for their 3.5 trillion dollar spending plan. Once this plan is passed, in whatever form it’s passed in, it’s going to have an effect on all of us. 

My second guest, Denny Artache, is a Financial Retirement Planner, author, mentor, speaker, and entertainer. He joins us today to discuss what mistakes people should avoid making while awaiting the tax fallout, how sidestepping taxes could potentially lead to even greater losses in investment returns if a hasty, ill-informed decision is made, and what experts are advising their clients to do during these times of financial turmoil.

Steve Sless has nearly 20 years of mortgage industry experience, including 13 years devoted to reverse mortgages.

He is proud to have been named a Reverse Mortgage Industry “Game Changer” by Yahoo Finance, and to be one of the only mortgage professionals to have earned the CLTC®: Certified Long-Term Care designation.

Steve takes pride in helping homeowners and his team members every day, while leading the dedicated reverse mortgage division of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI) -- a multibillion-dollar operation founded in 1998 that is poised to become a top reverse mortgage lender nationwide.

Steve also loves to speak out about reverse mortgage strategies as a conference keynote speaker for NRMLA (the national voice of the reverse mortgage industry), at seminars and learning workshops, in videos, and in media interviews.

His passion is educating and empowering homeowners 55+ and their trusted advisors on how the strategic and proactive use of housing wealth with a reverse mortgage can offer advanced retirement income strategies, protecting and preserving a retirement portfolio.

Steve's goal is to dispel myths and common misperceptions about reverse mortgages and show his clients and partners how to achieve peace of mind by helping them to secure the retirement they deserve.

Denny Artache was the lead singer and lead guitarist for Iron Butterfly in the 90’s when he lived in Los Angeles.

He also recorded and toured with musicians from Three Dog Night and has played along with many famous acts like Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones from The Monkees, Dennis Yost from The Classics four Rare Earth, Steppenwolf, Badfinger, Eric Burdon and The Animals, REO Speedwagon, Night Ranger, and many others.

Denny plays throughout south Florida in many venues with different line ups as The Denny Artache Band where he plays a variety of music from classic Rock, Sinatra Jazz, R&B, Blues, and Motown depending on the venue.

Denny is a proud US Army Soldier serving overseas.

Since 1994, he has been a Financial Retirement Planner helping families prepare for the unexpected. Since 2008, he has been helping teachers and mentoring students.

Denny is a District Partner for The Palm Beach School District where he contributes to the educational fund and holds multiple educational workshops for teachers and different people throughout the community.

He is a published author with a book out called Thoughts to Live By. Denny is a public speaker and mentor helping people live happy, successful, and financially independent lives. He speaks and entertains through‐out south Florida.