066: How to Travel in a Post-Pandemic World + 5 Steps to Profitable Growth for Companies with Isabel Leong and Thomas Michael Hogg

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Isabel Leong, a full-time travel blogger, digital nomad, and Consultant and Mentor, Thomas Michael Hogg, who has more than 20 years of market and work experience in Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, and the USA, and is Founder and Managing Director of TMH Consulting & Investment Group.

We are all looking forward to a post-pandemic world, and many people are even starting to put together their travel itinerary, determining what to do and where to go. My first guest, Isabel Leong, is a digital nomad, SEO coach, and full-time travel blogger from Singapore who provides helpful tips and resources for other travelers to be able to travel smarter, longer, and more affordably.

She joins us today to share some financial savvy tips for how to travel in a post-pandemic world and also discusses how to be flexible with your dates and destination when traveling, how to research your travel destinations accordingly, how to fulfill your travel dreams, and more!

With all that is going on in the world right now, companies are struggling, and people all over the U.S. and the world are starting or reinventing their businesses. My second guest, Thomas Michael Hogg, author of the book Profitable Growth Strategy: 7 Proven Best Practices from German Companies joins us today to talk about the strategies and success formula of companies with high profitable growth that can help us transform our business mindset, overcome a current crisis, and grow our businesses.

Isabel Leong is a digital nomad and full-time travel blogger from Singapore who pulls from her own world travels and lessons and shares her tried and tested travel tips to help others take action and fulfill their travel dreams.

After spending 6 months in Europe visiting 16 countries, 55 cities, and 11 European languages later, she moved on to working and traveling the North and South island of New Zealand for another 6 months.

After the 6-month working holiday in New Zealand, and working from Japan for another 8 months, Isabel is back home in Singapore, planning the next off-beaten path.

Since traveling independently from 2015 and after countless reviews of hotels and tours, she has slowly redefined the meaning of travel.

Isabel created her platform to share travel adventures and tips that she has learned through being on the road, and provides destination guides to millennial and student travelers who seek to spend less and travel more.

During her travels, Isabel had to peruse different websites in search of her next travel idea while researching about a country’s cultures and routes, and it wasn’t an easy task. She always wished there was someone experienced, honest, and reliable who could tell her things she wished she knew before stepping foot into a foreign land.

Now that Isabel has amassed a wealth of travel knowledge from her own personal experience, she is sharing them with other fellow travelers so that they can travel smarter, longer, and more affordably.

Thomas Michael Hogg is a Consultant and Mentor with more than 20 years of market and work experience in Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, and the USA.

He has been an advisor to global companies, such as PepsiCo, adidas, Campbell’s Soup, Johnson Controls, and Bulkmatic, among other multi-national companies, SMEs, and nonprofit organizations. 

Thomas is Founder and Managing Director of TMH Consulting & Investment Group.

He is a columnist at El Financiero, and has been featured in Bloomberg TV, CNN Expansión, Milenio, Reforma, Negocios en Imagen, Mexico Industry, and Cluster Industrial among others.

Thomas is the author of the book Profitable Growth Strategies: 7 Proven Best Practices From German Companies

He has helped 300+ businesses achieve 7-12 figures, with up to $8 million USD in Monthly Recurring Revenue.