005: Managing and Protecting Your Income-Producing Assets, Reducing Tax Burdens, and Having More Control Over Your Money with John Eickhoff

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by the Founder and CEO of Hoffman Associates, John Eickhoff.

John Eickhoff is a former farmer who tried to find a way to reduce taxes on the sale of his farm. 

When the CPA's could not, or did not know how, to help him, he found out how to do it himself. 

For the last 33 years, John has helped 1,000 farmers in 48 states reduce, eliminate, or defer the taxes on the sale of their farm, other business, and highly appreciated assets. 

As global estate planning advisers, Hoffman Associates brings value in several ways to those they serve, through the information, training, consultation, products, and services they offer.

Today, John discusses managing and protecting your income-producing assets in ways that reduce tax burdens and increase cash flow, allowing you to have more control over your money.