104: Missologist: Making Cocktails and Mixology More Accessible to Women with Nicole Schaefer

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Nicole Schaefer, the owner and CEO of Missologist, a cocktail subscription box aimed at teaching women about mixology.

 "Women have been largely excluded from the cocktail space. I'm the only female mixologist on YouTube. Missologist wants to change that by starting a cocktail revolution. Mixology is fun and doesn't need to be intimidating. I want women to go beyond the cosmo and be able to confidently order any cocktail they want when they go to a bar." - Nicole Schaefer

My guest, Nicole, joins us today to discuss what Missologist is all about and what goes into creating a signature cocktail. She shares how women, or anyone who wants to learn more about making cocktails, can get involved, and talks about how Missologist donates a portion of their proceeds to the Oregon Dog Rescue.

Nicole Schaefer is a serial entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon. She started Missologist, a subscription box designed to make cocktails and mixology more accessible to women.

Each box includes cocktail recipes, tutorials, liquor recommendations, scoring and tasting cards, and fun surprises.

Nicole believes that women deserve to indulge in a delicious cocktail without having to worry about unhealthy mixers.

That's why she's created a line of premium mixers that are not only delicious but also help to support a good cause.

Missologist donates a portion of the proceeds to Oregon Dog Rescue for every kit sold. The organization is dedicated to helping homeless dogs find their forever homes."