111: Money Moves to Make in 2023 with Howard Yaruss

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Howard Yaruss, an economist, professor, attorney, businessman, and activist who greatly enjoys explaining complex issues in a clear, interesting and easily accessible way.

Incomes are stagnating, middle-class jobs are disappearing, economic growth is slowing, and the meager gains are mostly going to those who are already wealthy. More Americans than ever are frustrated by the direction in which we are headed.

Today's guest, Howard Yaruss, aims to replace this frustration with a practical understanding of our economy and empower others to identify and advocates for a better approach to the problems we face. He joins us in this episode to discuss why inequality is soaring and what we can do about it. He provides insight on whether tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs or just create more inequality, what the Fed does and how it affects our lives, and if our national debt is a threat.

Howard also talks about why the economy regularly turns down and how we can get it back on track, why it's important as citizens to have a grasp of how the economy works, and more!

Howard Yaruss is an economist, professor, attorney, businessman, and activist who greatly enjoys explaining complex issues in a clear, interesting, and easily accessible way.

He has taught a variety of courses on economics and business, and currently teaches at New York University.

Previously, Howard served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Radian Group, one of the largest guarantors of debt in the world.

He has also served on the Boards of organizations that advocate for safer streets, help the homeless, and support the arts.

For more information, check out his website https://howardyaruss.com and @UnderstandEcono on Twitter.