004: How to Protect Your Identity and Reputation From Scammers and Prevent Your Money From Falling Through the Cracks When Selling Your Home with Eran Sinai and Glen Henderson

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by CEO of IDSeal, Eran Sinai, and Real Estate Expert, Glen Henderson.

Eran Sinai has dedicated more than 25 years of his life to safeguarding people and their reputations. 

As CEO of IDSeal, a premier identity theft protection company, he oversees all company operations, directing the North Carolina based company in providing exceptional and affordable identity protection solutions through cutting-edge technologies, with integrity and commitment to customer service. 

Eran actively strives to raise public awareness about identity theft, privacy, scams, fraud, and other related issues by serving on the Experian Partner Solutions Advisory Board; the ID Cyber Center Board, a Southern California IDTPS company founded in 2008; and the OCCAM (Organization of Compliant Credit Account Managers) Board. 

Today, he shares how to protect your identity and reputation from scammers, discusses what can be done if your ID is stolen, and covers the best way to purchase ID theft protection.

Real Estate Expert, Glen Henderson, attended San Diego State University, where he majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. 

Upon graduation in 2003, he began his career in real estate and mortgages. During the first years of his career, Glen worked full time as a REALTOR® and Mortgage Banker.

His background in finance, coupled with his experience in both real estate and mortgages, has helped him excel in his real estate career. In 2009, Glen obtained his broker’s license and became a partner in Silvercrest Realty Group.

Today, Glen manages his real estate business, is the broker of Silvercrest Realty Group, has authored the book, Avoiding Foreclosure: How NOT To Go Broke Saving Your Home, co-hosts a weekly real estate show on KCBQ and KPRZ, and has become a trainer/coach.

In this episode, Glen gives a rundown on the real estate market in 2021, shares how to prevent your money from falling through the cracks when selling your home, and provides his 5 components for selling your house for top dollar.