049: Small Business Revival? Use the Pandemic for New Business Ventures + Democracy Doesn't Happen by Accident - We Need to Demand Change with Tra Williams and Richard Jacobs

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by CEO, Tra Williams, the co-founder of Petrus Brands and a highly sought-­after expert in franchise relations and acquisitions, and speaker, lawyer, photographer, and author of the book, Democracy of Dollars, Richard Jacobs.

American entrepreneurship has been on its deathbed for decades, but the pandemic is triggering a revival of small business startups nationwide. CEO Tra Williams, the co-founder of Petrus Brands, joins us today to reveal key strategies for launching a business during the pandemic and beyond. He discusses how to use the labor shortage to your advantage when launching a company, why the pandemic is generating more small businesses across America, and how to find the right venture depending on consumer needs and demands.

As a society, we have morphed from a Democracy of People into a Democracy of Dollars. Two political institutions of our federal government - the legislative and executive branches, designed to protect and serve all Americans - have become servant to special interests who, in today's pricey politics, have bought their way to the head of the line. Richard Jacobs, author of Democracy of Dollars joins us to walk us through - and give us an idea - what we can do. He explains the difference between a democracy of people and a democracy of dollars, talks about Supreme Court Deference and a constitutional failure in problem-solving, and more!

Tra Williams is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and nationally recognized expert in entrepreneurship and business strategy.

He has sat at the helm of two international brands, and has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on their journey to self-employment.

Tra holds a degree from the University of Georgia and is a graduate of the prestigious Franchise Management program at Georgetown University.

He has been featured or quoted in numerous publications, including Forbes, Bloomberg, and Franchise Times, and he often speaks at economic development conferences and company conventions.

In his new book, Boss Brain: Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Instincts, Tra reveals the shocking truth behind the decline of American entrepreneurship and provides a scientifically-proven system to unlock your entrepreneurial instincts so you can leave traditional employment forever.

Based on proven scientific research, Boss Brain traces the spirit and psychology of entrepreneurship through a sweeping arc of history beginning 12,000 years ago when humans first put down spears and picked up shovels.

Using stories that skip across time, from the height of the Roman Empire to the moon landing, Boss Brain empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools to unlock their entrepreneurial instincts and live the real American Dream.

Richard Jacobs graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1954, with a degree in business. He earned Phi Beta Kappa and other honors.

After military service and a career in the life insurance business, he graduated from Stetson University College of Law in 1967, Magna Cum Laude, first in his class. He was admitted to practice in June 1967, after achieving the high score on the March 1967 Florida Bar examination.

As a practicing lawyer, he attained an Av rating and was included in Best Lawyers in America. He is also a member of Stetson University College of Law's Hall of Fame.

After more than five decades practicing business law, he "mostly retired" in 2013; and, in 2014, wrote Wonderlust, Wondering While Wandering. . . Ventures for an Inquiring Mind, the stories of the lessons learned in his trekking the seven continents. 

Richard's civic activities have included his being chairman and trustee of his community hospital and arts center and serving as a trustee of his law school and other educational institutions. Motivated by the lessons learned in his travels, he also devoted his attention to en­vironmental, sea-level rise, and global warming issues, as a writer, speaker, and a lawyer, working particularly close with Our Chil­dren's Trust and Stetson College of Law.

His book, Democracy of Dollars: Where Natural and Constitutional Rights Go To the Highest Bidder, grew out of his experiences in being thwarted in problem-solving environmental issues by government inaction when action is needed. 

A lawyer by training, a photographer by passion, he has been fortunate to have trekked and photo'd on the seven continents - and those experiences have shaped his life and understanding the nature of our responsibilities for the care of each other and our earth, the only home we will ever have.