094: The Ethereum Merge: Will Crypto Survive? with Jacky Goh and Ivaylo Yovkov

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Jacky Goh and Yvaylo Yoykov, CEO & COO of Reward Bunny, a platform that rewards you for your online shopping with cashback in Crypto or USD.

My guests, Jacky Goh and Ivaylo Yovkov of Reward Bunny, join us today to talk about all things Cryptocurrency, including understanding the Ethereum Merge, the impact on Cryptocurrency and the potential outcomes, and how Reward Bunny fits into the world of cryptocurrency.

About Rewards Bunny: Rewards Bunny is a cashback rewards platform that is making it easy for people to earn, invest in, and spend cryptocurrency. When users simply make everyday purchases they have the opportunity to receive their rewards in either cryptocurrency or USD.  Rewards Bunny’s management team are experts in marketing technology, game development, graphic design, blockchain, and providing a wonderful experience to start their crypto journey. The company plans to expand its platform with NFT’s and to offer payment solutions with a Crypto debit card.

A serial entrepreneur and an avid gamer, Jacky Goh has spent his entire life immersed in the digital arena.

Always poised for a new adventure, Jacky’s interest in developing new experiences for gamers was a key motivating factor to start DinoMao, the first online claw machine gaming app for the Southeast Asian region. In December 2020, DinoMao was recognized in the Best Game category by AppsUp 2020. He has been featured in Singapore news media for DinoMao.

With that success in hand and understanding that people are engaged when connected with a purpose, Jacky founded Rewards Bunny, a cash-back platform that rewards users for their online purchases in crypto or USD. 

He has recently been featured in US News & World Report's Money and The Street, interviewed on Newsmax's New to the Street, in Authority Magazine, The Small Business Radio Show, and by Chris Voss, featured in E-cryptonews.com, CBS Marketwatch, and USAWire.com, as well as mentioned by Yahoo Finance.

Ivaylo Yovkov has been actively working in the digital marketing niche for the past seven years on personal projects, startups, and well-established companies.

Ivaylo built two eCommerce projects and was the CMO of two top P2P FinTech companies in Bulgaria before Rewards Bunny, which he is COO and Co-Founder of.

He has ten years of experience in eCommerce and FinTech and holds a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications and Mobile Technologies.