075: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership with Tom Eddington

In this episode of Saving With Steve, host Steve Sexton is joined by Founder of Eddington Advisory Services, Tom Eddington, who is one of Silicon Valley’s top business advisors.

If you run your own business, are in management, lead a family, coach a sports team, or just happen to be a leader in one of America’s top companies, my guest, Tom Eddington, joins us today to talk about the transformational power of conscious leadership, creating work-life balance, leading multi-ethnic, multi-generational workforces in a time of rapid change, and how you can bring out the best in your team. 

Tom Eddington has worked three decades in business as a consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor. He is a student and teacher of board, leadership, and organization effectiveness – focusing on how they grow, achieve, and sustain effectiveness while remaining stewards for their stakeholders.

Tom has lived, worked, and studied on six continents, working with leaders across all industry sectors and organization stages of development. As a student, mentor, coach, and advisor, he has focused on the area of consciousness and conscious leadership over the past two decades.

A pragmatic optimist who’s driven by intellectual curiosity, Tom has sought out opportunities to teach and work in the private, public, academic, and non-profit sectors. He has worked with industry leaders and most-admired organizations including HP, W.L. Gore, MBNA Corporation, Royal Dutch/Shell and Taproot Foundation.

He holds B.A. degrees in Business and Psychology and an M.S. degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.

He has worked with board members and senior executives at hundreds of organizations. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor in the City University (London) M.B.A. program.

Tom has founded and co-founded four organizations including FutureShapers, My Broker Donates, and Eddington Advisory Services. Learn more at www.eddingtonadvisory.com.